Suffering paralysis by analysis?

Or just don’t know what step to take next?

Want to mark more tasks ☑DONE, find what’s dropped through the cracks, and hear “Good job!” ?

Call the Schedule Fairy.

I provide schedule accountability so you feel better at the end of the day.

I help you Clarify, Prioritize, & Follow Through on tasks, projects, to-do lists.
Big and small. Biz and personal.

Get help while sitting in your favorite chair

You don’t have to leave your home or office! We’ll work by phone, honing your schedule or task list (or whatever) online.

We set a regular time for calls, based on your need, so you maintain a rhythm of addressing your tasks.

And, for the Dallas area, chances are good I know a guy or a gal you can delegate some projects to.

Feeling more relieved?

So do my clients: more relieved, focused, and accomplished.

✱It’s like magic!✱

Me? I’m Camille DeSalme

As Schedule Fairy, I’m supportive in a kind, persistent way, with an eye for inconsistency and a desire for clarity.

And I sell Creative Awesome Shirts on My book is on Amazon, too. Previously, I wrote software. Degree in math.


I charge $50/hour during regular biz work hours, $80/hour for after-hours and weekend wand waving. We tailor call length and frequency to your needs.

Cancellation/rescheduling policy

If you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, please give me at least 24 hours’ notice, by email, text, or phone call. Otherwise, you’ll incur a $25 fee. No charge for the first occurrence.

Book your session

Call me at 817-874-4578 or email me at I schedule based on US Central Time. Here’s the World Clock.

Privacy policy

I do not sell or share your contact info.

I keep your other stuff private, too, unless you give me written permission to use your info, for example, in a review you write that I use for marketing. Sometimes I relate my experiences, without identifying clients or their specific situations, to the few people I go to for support, so that I can better help clients.